Current Class

Old Testament Sweep

Alex Schurman

Have you felt confused finding your way around the Old Testament? Have you wondered what any of it has to do with Jesus? Come as we trace out the big story of the whole Old Testament with Jesus as its climax! Join us in the fellowship hall at 9:00 am on Sunday mornings.

About Our Classes

Our Sunday classes seek to equip our congregation to live more faithfully and authentically for the glory of Christ. At the heart of all our classes is the gospel - the good news of the grace of Jesus Christ - and the belief that true spiritual transformation happens when we apply the Gospel to all of life. As the biblical gospel takes root in our minds and hearts, we come to love God more fully, live in community more authentically, and serve God more faithfully in the world.


Most broadly, our class topics fall into one of three categories:

First, we want to teach the core elements of the Christian Faith. These courses include overviews of the Bible, the basics of Christian theology, and surveys of church history.

Second, we want to build Christian character. These classes explore the ways in which the gospel teaches us to pray, worship, grow in holiness, forgive and reconcile, and live in community.

Third, we want to equip for Christian service. Every Christian is called to serve. Thus, these classes discuss living a gospel-centered life for the sake of others. Classes include personal evangelism, apologetics, world missions, work, mercy ministry, marriage, parenting, and financial stewardship.

Classes meet downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.

Past Classes

Why Worship?

The Beauty in belonging: Life in the body of christ

The Reformation

The Gospel & Marriage  

The Cross & Christian Ministry  


How Firm a Foundation: The Doctrine and Character of Scripture  


Sex, Singleness & Sexuality  

Psalms: An Overview  

Thinking Theologically  

A Life of Giving: How the Gospel Shapes our Stewardship of all of Life  

Respectable Sins  

Christian Perspectives On The Arts & Humanities  

The Parables Of Our Lord  

God's Sovereignty & Our Responsibility  

Gospel Witness in a Post-Christian World  


The Big Picture Of The Bible  

The Trinity- Biblical, Theological, Historical and Practical Perspectives  

Biblical Parenting  

What Is A Healthy Church Member?  

Jesus and the Good (News) Life  

Discovering and Using Your Gifts  

Money Matters  

Back to Basics  

Survey of the Old Testament Prophetical Books



It All Happened Here  

What do Christians Believe?  

Seeking God Whole Heartedly  

Making the Connection  

The God Who Is There  

Jesus' Blood and Righteousness  

Old Testament Historical & Poetical Books  

The Gospel Centered Life  

The Minor Prophets  

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands  

Female & Male in God's Image: Biblical Perspectives on Gender  

The Incredibly Practical Doctrine of the Trinity  

The Beginning of the New Testiment: The Gospel & Acts  

The Gospel In Life: Grace Changes Everything  

Paul and His Letters  

Hebrews through Revelation  

It Happened Here: Spiritual History of New Haven & Yale  

Spiritual Disciplines: The Path to Freedom  

The Gospel & Suffering  


The Church & Politics  

Trinity 101  

Heroes of the Faith

Doctrine of Salvation

Exploring the Resurrection