Our Vision

Our vision is to come alongside parents in teaching their children about the God of the Bible in such a way that they are transformed by His love.  We see this as a partnership with parents, helping their kids to come to know the life-changing love of God in Jesus.  We hope to teach them about God in the Bible, so that they will come to know God in a personal and saving way.  We seek to do so in age appropriate ways, understanding that a 2-year old can learn about God as much as a high school student, but how they are taught needs to be tailored to their developmental capacity. 

What We Do

We seek to teach our children with a rich and well rounded curriculum. The Gospel Story focuses on Christ as it teaches key stories from Genesis to Revelation that highlight God's plan of redemption. Bible reading, age appropriate object lessons, and memorization are at the core. These truths are reinforced by integrating discussions on church history, accounts of missionary activity, singing the songs and hymns of the church, and crafts and games that help the children learn in various ways about the God who loves them.


Sunday School Classes

Sunday Mornings 9:00 - 9:50 am

  • Nursery-2

  • PreK ages 3-5

  • Early elementary (K-3rd grade)

  • Late Elementary (4-5th grade)

  • Jr. High (6-8th grade)

  • High School (9-12th grade)


Children’s Church

During  the 10:00 AM Morning Service (After dismissal from service for all but nursery)

  • Nursery (entire morning service)

  • Walkers (2-year olds)

  • Skippers (3-year olds)

  • Climbers (4-5 year olds)

  • Runners (K-1st grade)

  • Flyers (2-3rd grade)


Child Safety Policies

The safety of our children is at the forefront of how we approach our Children’s Ministry program. All of our teachers and assistants have completed an application, a background check, read and signed our sexual abuse policy and been interviewed by one of our elders. For accountability and safety we have two or more teachers in each classroom. Our check-in system includes the use of pagers to ensure that we can reach parents directly at any time. For added security we ask that our children are signed in to our check in system, dropped off and picked up by their parents. Allergies are clearly indicated on each child’s name tag and the only snack provided by the church is water and Gorilla Munch (gluten free and vegan cereal). If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Online Children's Ministry Application  |  Children's Ministry Application Download

For more information, please contact Mona or the church office.