Special Events

Gospel Coalition NE Conference in Boston

Reg .  November 11, 2016, We plan to qualify for group pricing for this conference. If you plan to attend please let the office know so we can register together as a group: admin(at)trinity-baptist.org  


We plan to get a group rate for this conference but need to register as a group.  If you are interested in attending - please contact the church office - admin (at) trinity-baptist.org or 203-789-4500.

One Thing

Reg .   Looking for a way to serve? Grab a copy of our One Thing brochure on the back table or go to http://trinity-baptist.org/opportunitiestoserve.php  


OCC Shoeboxes

Reg .  November 13, 2016, collection date. Information is on the back table for your use. Please consider packing a box as a family, or small group. Trinity will pay the shipping costs. Contact the church office.  


Shoreline Church Update

Reg .  October 30, 2016,  


Harvest Lunch

Reg .  November 13, 2016,  


Congregational Meeting

Reg .  November 29, 2016,  


Trinity 101

Reg .  October 29, 2016, 09:00 am - 012:00 pm , For those interested in membership, and members who have never attended. RSVP: gregory.hendrickson(at)trinity-baptist.org, (203) 789-4500.  


Evening Service Preacher

Reg .  October 23, 2016, 06:30 pm - 08:00 pm , Jonathan Lee, elder