Special Events

Service Opportunities

Reg .   See Pastor Nick if you are interested in how you can serve during the evening service. Contact: nicholas.lauer(at)trinity-baptist.org  


DBF Pantry Need

Reg .   Our pantry shelves are low and in need of replenishment.  


Most Ministry Glasses Collection

Reg .   Collecting used eyeglasses for Christian ministry assisting people in the developing world. Please put donations in basket at back at the back. Contact Kim (203) 464-9623, kim.fulton(at)yahoo.com  


30 Hr Famine

Reg .  May 1, 2015, to May 2. The Trinity Youth Group is partnering with millions of other believers around the world in the fight against hunger and poverty by taking part in World Vison's 30 Hour Famine. To give please see http://tinyurl.com/kr74lbs  


Vacation Notice

Reg .  April 13, 2015, to April 19: Pastor Matt will be on vacation  


Summer Mission Trip

Reg .  April 22, 2015, Please let us know if you are going on a short-term summer mission trip, so we can pray for you. To request financial support from Trinity, send a request by Apr. 22, to gregory.hendrickson(at)trinity-baptist.org.  


Leaving Town

Reg .  May 17, 2015, If your time in New Haven is coming to an end please let the office know when you will be leaving and where you will be moving to. We will celebrate your time here on May 17th. (203) 789-4500, admin(at)trinity-baptist.org.  


Trinity 101

Reg .  April 18, 2015, 09:00 am - 012:00 pm , What does it mean to be a part of Trinity? We'll cover vision & values of the church, doctrinal beliefs, why join a church, & how Trinity works and how you can be involved. This is for anyone & everyone! RSVP: gregory.hendrickson(at)trinity-baptist.org  


Church Work Day

Reg .  April 25, 2015, 09:00 am - 012:00 pm , Please join us as we do small jobs to improve our church building. Contact Antony - antonyd.4288(at)gmail.com, (203) 228-4241.  


Ladies' Brunch

Reg .  May 9, 2015, 09:30 am - 012:00 pm , in the Fellowship Hall. Save the date! Contact Liz elizabethmclifton(at)gmail.com  


Trinity Health Professionals Gathering

Reg .  April 19, 2015, 11:30 am - 01:00 pm , Dr. John Dunlop will lead a discussion on "A Biblical Understanding of Medicine". All health professionals welcome. RSVP: Gregory.hendrickson(at)trinity-baptist.org, (203) 789-4500.