Special Events

Service Opportunities

Reg .   See Pastor Nick if you are interested in how you can serve during the evening service. Contact: nicholas.lauer(at)trinity-baptist.org  


DBF Pantry Need

Reg .   Our pantry shelves are low and in need of replenishment.  


Most Ministry Glasses Collection

Reg .   Collecting used eyeglasses for Christian ministry assisting people in the developing world. Please put donations in basket at back at the back. Contact Kim (203) 464-9623, kim.fulton(at)yahoo.com  


Shoreline Community Bible Church

Reg .  June 30, 2015, Would you consider making a special donation to support the church plant by June 30? You can write a check to Trinity Baptist Church, mark it "New London Church Plant" and put it in the offering, mail it to the church office, or go to the online community  


PM Service speaker

Reg .  June 28, 2015, Greg Hendrickson  


All Church Picnic

Reg .  August 22, 2015, Save the date! Our all church picnic will be held Sat., Aug. 22 at Brooksvale Park in Hamden. Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/mSKbIj  


Vacation Notices

Reg .   Our Office Manager Michelle will be on vacation June 30-July 14. Pastor Matt will be on an extended leave until Aug. 4.  


Sunday School

Reg .   Sunday School classes for the month of July will be canceled in order to give all our teachers a well-deserved break. Children's Church & Nursery will continue as usual during our morning service.  


Day of Service

Reg .  August 15, 2015, Bridges of Hope I ♥ New Haven Day of Service. If interested in being a team captain or site leader, contact John jdunlopmd(at)gmail.com. Bridges of Hope is also organizing a mentoring program to begin in Sept. http://www.bridgesnewhaven.org.  


For more info see http://www.bridgesnewhaven.org.

Urban Outreach

Reg .   More volunteers are needed for this summers' enrichment camp for kids in the Newhallville neighborhood (especially for teaching math & language arts Mon-Thu mornings between 9:30-11:30). Contact gregory.hendrickson(at)trinity-baptist.org (203) 214-5266 or  


Camp Director Cynthia Bobo (203) 624-3028.

Office Closed

Reg .  July 2, 2015, and July 3. Voicemail messages will be checked.  


Picnics in the Park

Reg .  July 12, 2015, 012:00 pm - 01:00 pm , at Edgerton Park. Bring your own picnic lunch and join us for a casual lunch together. Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/RNtNf3