Who We Are: Gathered, Transformed, and Sent Forth by the Gospel of Jesus Christ

We’re a church awe-struck by what God has done in Jesus. It brings us together. It changes us from the inside out. It sends us into our communities with renewed love and purpose. From the very beginning, that’s what Christians have called the good news, the gospel. 

We Are Centered in the Gospel

At the heart of the gospel is the breath-taking message that when we had turned away from God, God didn’t give us what we deserve.  Instead, in sheer grace, God did the unthinkable.  In Jesus Christ, God became flesh for us.  He lived the perfect life we should have lived, he died the death our sins deserved, he conquered death by rising again, he ascended to heaven in victory, and now he freely offers forgiveness, freedom, and new life to all who trust in him.

We Exist to Glorify God

Trinity Baptist Church exists to glorify God—to celebrate and make much of Jesus.  We aim to be an honest and genuine community of people who depend on God’s grace to us in Jesus—because we need it each day.  We seek unity around the core of the gospel—because that’s what draws us together across racial, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds.  We cherish the Word of God written—because that’s where God speaks to us about who he is and what he’s done.  And we actively pursue lives of love and service to the world around us, both locally and globally—because the good news of Jesus is the hope of everyone and everything.  

Join Us

The rest of this site will tell you more—what we believe, what to expect on Sundays, what our preaching is like, and how to get connected in community.  Most importantly, you can learn more about the gospel itself.  

Again, we’re glad you’re here.  And we look forward to meeting you.