Gathered, Transformed, and Sent Forth by the Gospel

What defines us here at Trinity? Here's how we like to summarize it: we are a diverse body of Christian believers centered in the gospel – the good news that in Jesus Christ God has come to reconcile sinners by his grace and to renew the whole creation for his glory.

Our mission as a church is to be gathered, transformed, and sent forth by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What Does That Look Like?


First, we’re gathered together by the gospel. Our unity as a church isn’t primarily a function of human similarities or common interests. In fact, you’re almost certain to find people who are profoundly different from you at Trinity. Our unity comes from the most important thing we share: our Lord Jesus Christ and our experience of his saving grace. We’re gathered by God’s call, for God’s purpose.

Transformed BY THE GOSPEL

But Jesus not only gathers us together, he transforms us by his Spirit. Our identity is transformed as we embrace and live out of our true identity as God’s children. Our relationships are transformed from self-serving to self-giving as we follow the pattern of our Savior. And our work is transformed, as we become God’s ambassadors, seeking to bring his renewal to every part of creation.


And finally, the result of being gathered and transformed by the gospel is that we are sent forth with the gospel. Located in downtown New Haven, Trinity is at a crossroads of cultures. Our immediate neighbors include students, internationals, families, young professionals, and the poor. As we seek to proclaim and live out the gospel locally, our church is also a launching pad for the global advance of God’s kingdom.

More About What We Believe...

church documents that summarize our faith, priorities and practice

Our church documents aim to steer us toward this mission and protect us from going adrift:

Our Doctrinal Statement defines what we believe and who we are in relationship to Christ our Lord.

Our Core Commitments express how we aim to live out the Christian faith together as a body.

Our Constitution doesn't necessarily make the church, but it can definitely keep it from breaking.


Trinity is a member of the Western Connecticut Baptist Association, the Baptist Convention of New England, and the Southern Baptist Convention. We are also affiliated with 9 Marksthe Gospel Coalition and Bridges of Hope.